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About Us

We are WIKIBITS, a group of dedicated individuals with decades of experience in Global Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, HP, United Technologies, Tencent, BMW, Qualcomm, Abott, Eli Lilly, Deutche Bank and government entities such as Reserve Bank of India and National Institutes of Health.

Wikibits is created as a natural outgrowth of information. With the rapid surge of social media, blockchain and information technologies, meaningful solutions can now be solved and quantified using a community-based approach. Wikibits offers incentives and the information infrastructure to answer questions ranging from daily tasks to finding novel discoveries.

We aim to become THE GO-TO PORTAL that links quantified solutions with their relevant products/services.

Team Experience

In the Press



Two page flyer to help us spread the word with your unique referral code.


A summary of our vision, core team members, plans and ICO.

White Paper

Extensive background on Wikibits: our vision, plan and business.


Key Points of Our Platform

Knowledge Base

A platform that utilizes community knowledge where users are rewarded.


Wikibits challenges the classical paradigm of innovative discovery.

Self-learning AI

Powered by machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.

Solve Issues

Find the most popular solution from a community pool of user-voted answers.

Smart Advertisements

Wikibits links the right product to the right people at the right time.


A blockchain-based database providing subchain support and distributed timestamping

Fill in the Gap

Reduce information fatigue by providing quantified solutions for everyday tasks.


A diverse team of developers, entrepreneurs and researchers.


Addressing issues ranging from daily tasks to novel discoveries.


Get Rewarded for Your Contributions

Posting Rewards

Earn WIKI tokens by posting solutions valued by the community.

Curating Rewards

Get rewarded by curating a wiki that is appreciated by others.


Wikibits will hold monthly campaigns in line with our primary objectives.


Global Fortune 500 Company Experience

Wikibits Presale

Current Rate: 16,000 WIKI Tokens per Ether

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Wikibits Token Rates

Key Dates, Rates and Cap



Minimum Contribution

Hard Cap of WIKI Tokens

Presale: December 15th, 2017 to February 14th, 2018

16,000 WIKI tokens per Ether

1 Ether or USD Equivalent

10 Million

50% Bonus: February 15th to February 21st

12,000 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

15 Million

40% Bonus: February 22nd to February 28th

11,200 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

25 Million

30% Bonus: March 1st to March 7th

10,400 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

35 Million

20% Bonus: March 8th to March 14th

9,600 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

45 Million

10% Bonus: March 15th to March 21st

8,800 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

55 Million

Base Rate: March 22nd to March 31st

8,000 WIKI tokens per Ether

0.1 Ether or USD Equivalent

65 Million

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