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Team Members

Global Fortune 500 Companies Experience Behind Wikibits

  • Warren Wang


  • Zasim Siddiqui


  • Sara Viernes-Chisler

    Executive Director

  • Dev Panchal

    Marketing Director

  • Gary Wu

    Director of Finance

  • Walter Cheng

    Senior Developer

  • Anand Krishnan

    Senior Developer

  • Jay Patel


  • Mike Chi

    Financial Advisor

  • Tom Fitch

    Business Development Advisor (U.S.)

  • Rajesh Krishnan

    Product Development Advisor (U.K.)

  • Kenny Liu

    Technology and Marketing Advisor (China)

  • Waseem Akram

    Marketing Advisor

  • Aarif Shaikh


  • Nikhil Sangode

    Junior Developer

  • Andres Mantilla-Rodriguez

    Project Manager

  • address


e107 Content Mgmt System

(United States)

Rupee Blockchain


JinSheng Comm. Tech. Co.


Team Experience


Gap Identified

There is a major gap in how information is being processed to solutions. Even bigger gaps remain to directly link the users to the products and services relevant to these solutions.

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Consult our White Paper: Charter and Vision Statement, Foreward and Preface sections

White Paper

Wikibits Idea Conceptualization

Thanks to the breakthrough technology of blockchain and information technology, the world is closer than ever to the formation of a blockchain-based, solution-driven WIKI. Driven by the community, powered by cryptocurrency: WIKI tokens. A flourishing ecosystem can now become a reality where the best solutions can be delivered to the users.

Need more information?

Consult our White Paper: Sections 2, 3, and 4.

White Paper

ICO Landing Page Development

Simultaneous Development of ICO landing page and White Paper

ICO Landing Page Version 1.0 Launches

ICO landing page is finished and launches.

Old Site

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Wikibits Previous Version

Wikibits Presale Goes Live

Wikibits Presale Rate: 16000 WIKIs per Ether. Limited to 10 million supply.

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WIKI Token Rates

Alpha Submission Portal Development Starts

The development of the initial portal where Presale and ICO contributors can earn more WIKI tokens based on their contribution. It will be free to sign up for all users.

Mark the Date

Alpha Submission Portal is scheduled to come online January 25th, 2018. Like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter for most recent updates.

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Alpha Submission Portal Comes Online

Presale and ICO contributors can submit comments or articles on Alpha Submission Portal to earn exceptional amounts of WIKI tokens during the presale and ICO period.

Mark the Date

January 25th, 2018, Alpha Submission Portal comes online, stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

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Datamining Begins

Utlizing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms, community responses will begin to be tabulated. The results serves as the initial guidance on the critical areas that Wikibits should focus on.

Why has this not been done before?

Tabulating natural speech into meaningful results requires significant expertises. The Wikibits team has the experience to get it done.

Learn More in our White Paper: Section 9


Wikibits Initital Coin Offering is officially live. Do not forget to register and spread the word using your referral code.

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Mark the Date

March 15th, 2018, Wikibits ICO launches. Do not miss this once in a life time opportunity! Stay up-to-date by liking our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter

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Continual Backend NLP and Machine Learning Development

Continous backend development throughout the ICO period in NLP, Machine Learning and Beta site.

Wikibits Foundation is Established

A portion of the proceeds from ICO will be used to establish a Non-for-Profit organization: Wikibits Foundation. The foundation will give out scholarships, grants and establish community outreach roadmaps to accelerate developments in areas related to blockchain and information technologies.

Giving Back

Other than WIKI tokens and accelerated growth. Wikibits Foundation will be established to assist bright minds and impoverished communities.

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Beta Development

Developing the Beta site using the data and inputs collected from the Alpha portal, streamline for robustness and usability.

Wikibits Beta Site Launches

Beta site will have all the basic features of the future production site. Major testing includes geolocation, smart advertisement linking and real-time data processing.

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Traditional Database Management System

The Beta site will be built on traditional tried-and-true database management system.

Mobile App Development and Integration

Mobile App will be developed and the integration into the Beta site database will be extensively tested, along with geolocation capabilities.

Wikibits Mobile App Launches

Mobile App will be fully integrated into the Beta site database for real-time data processing. Geolocation enabled.

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Smart Advertisement Testing

Directly link the users to relevant product and services based on the solutions provided. Smart advertisement slots will be tested at this stage for integration into the production site.

Wikibits Production Site Launches

Production site will have all the features of Wikibits including Geolocation, Cash Out and Smart Advertisements.

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Best of Features

An information portal that is simple and intuitive with the best features of Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers and Quora.

Wikichain Development

The Wikibits blockchain development will start. Integrating the best features taken from the traditional DBMS and blockchain. The best community-vested responses will be the first to be transcribed onto the Wikichain.

Infinite Possiblities

Best solutions for daily problems, marketable product developments, personalized healthcare, innovations paradigm shift, new era of affliate marketing: Wikibits is the answer!

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An information portal that is simple and intuitive with infinite possiblities for profitable future developments.

Marketable Products

Patents for marketable products such as novel therapeutics can be developed from Wikibits portal. What is the magic bullet for that chronic pain? What awesome solutions have people used to remove that oven grease? Wikibits have the potential to file patents and produce profitable products.

Personalized Healthcare

Everyone is different so why should care be delivered the same? Wikibits allows users to integrate genomic, social and environmental data and find the best solutions possible for each user based on the most comprehensive data available.

Innovations Paradigm Shift

Contrary to traditional innovations being discovered on a coporate/institutional level, thanks to blockchain and information technology, innovations can now be found using a community based approach. Wikibits has the future potential for governments and institutional collaborations and grant opportunities.

New Era of Affiliate Marketing

A Win-Win infrastructure for users and businesses. By directly linking the users to relevant products and services, Wikibits brings the right customers to business's doorsteps. Users save time from information gathering, product and service searches.

The Next Generation WIKI

Wikibits is the next generation WIKI: formed by the people and for the people. A Win-Win infrastructure is now possible with WIKI tokens where contributors can earn based on their inputs.
Be part of the next generation WIKI!

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